We’re not sure where Die Antwoord gets their cookies from, but judging from the new video for their single, “Cookie Thumper,” we’re sure they’ve got some freakish ingredients. Highlights of the Ninja-directed video include masked rump shakers, a weak-bladdered Yo-Landi and a raunchy sex scene without much filter.
The story seems simple enough, but fans of the South African rap-rave clique know better. It features Yo-Landi Vi$$er decked out in a school girl outfit as she strolls through a gritty neighborhood to meet up with her gangsta-boo Anies, who was recently released from prison. Yo-Landi raps in a squeeky, quick-paced tempo about bad boys, O.P.P., and cookies, which we’re assuming is a euphemism for something. But oh, the lyrics don’t prepare you for the twisted visuals ahead. Check out the video below if you dare, and look out for their forthcoming release Donker Mag, to be released in February 2014 via ZEF Recordz.