Well this is nice. Canadian crooner Destroyer, aka Dan Bejar, is following up 2011’s cloudy romance LP, Kaputt, with an EP of Spanish-language covers, appropriately titled Five Spanish Songs. The EP’s material was written by Antonio Luque of Sr. Chinarro, and will be out November 25 via Merge.
To tide us over until then, Bejar has shared a video for the rainy day lullaby Bye Bye. The David Galloway-directed clip features Bejar sitting on a dewy mountainside farm plucking his guitar, surrounded by lively chickens and tasty-looking apples. At the end of the video, while surrounded by hundreds of adoring feathered friends, Bejar contently snacks on a chicken wing. Huh? And the song is called Bye Bye! This whole time I thought this was just a chill farm video and now I find out it’s about poultry death! Well played, Destroyer. Check it out (via Stereogum), below.