The Delay In The Universal Loop - Photo via

The Delay In The Universal Loop – Photo via

Maybe it’d be easier for you to just say Dylan Iuliano. He’s the Italain producer who goes by the epic moniker of The Delay In The Universal Loop, and he’s just offered up a spastic new video for “Texan Daylight,” a track taken from his second album, Split Consciousness, that will be out in June on Moon Sounds Records.

“Texan Daylight” is all blown-out synth scrapes next to his more delicate, wooing vocals that then get high-pitched and jittery until suddenly the song devolves from irk-dance to minimal, analog synth rip-apart. The video offers similar analog frights, with old VHS clips of smiling, dancing people spliced into screen-snow oblivion. It was directed by Logan Owlbeemoth using a Tachyons+ Rainbowtronic machine, whatever that is.

All of which doesn’t seem to jibe with Iuliano’s explanation that the song’s inspiration came from a nice trip to the States and some good Mexican food. So we asked him to explain. Check his explanation, the video and tour dates below.

Where did you go while you were in the U.S.A., and how long were you there?
I’ve been living in Dallas for three months, and in New York City for a couple weeks. I’m going to experience California, Louisiana, Alabama and hopefully even more in the next couple months, and it’s extremely exciting!

Where did you eat Mexican food?
My ex-girlfriend’s mother is Mexican, she got me into the beautiful mysticism of guacamole, chilaquiles, enchiladas and so much more. I tried eating fast food restaurants’ pseudo-Mexican foods, but I found absolutely no magic in it. Just like fast food restaurants’ pseudo-pizza. There’s something spiritual in the way Latin populations relate to foods that chains just cannot emulate, I believe.

And how did you do all that traveling while still in high school? It’s expensive to travel!
I was really tired of wasting my time in my small town. There’s nothing going on there and I just cannot stand it. So I raised enough money to buy tickets and I left everything behind to go to the States for the second time. Living with my girlfriend definitely helped me survive with the little money I had. I’ve been overwhelmed by a huge feeling of freedom the whole time. For the record, I eventually got my high school diploma once I was back in Italy!

Tour Dates For The Delay In The Universal Loop:
02/09 – Dallas, TX – Crown And Harp
02/10 – Fort Worth, TX – The Boiled Owl Tavern
02/11 – Bossier City, LA – Back To Back
02/12 – Hunstville, AL – Copper Top
02/13 – Monroe, LA – The Trial Bar
02/14 – Houston, TX – Black Barbie
02/15 – College Station, TX – House Show
02/16 – San Marcos, TX – Superflys
02/17 – Austin, TX – Beerland
02/18 – Corpus Christi, TX – The Nasa
02/19 – Edinburg, TX – Echo Hotel
02/20 – Baytown, TX – Corx Grinders
02/21 – Houston, TX – Walters
02/21 – Beaumont, TX – The Gig
02/22 – Dallas, TX – Three Links
03/06 – Austin, TX – Cheer Up Charlies
03/14 – Houston, TX – Last Concert Cafè