Danny Brown’s new album, Old, is coming out soon and to prepare us for it, he’s released a series of glitchy, eye-bugging videos. Last month he shared a clip for ODB, and today’s visual for Dip features the same record-scratching style and random animation. Brown dances like his body is made of rubber, swigs Maker’s Mark, and flips us the bird while random women ingest cartoon drugs.
The track itself is a half-nod to Freak Nasty’s 1996 jock-rap hit Da Dip, and Jay Z and Kanye’s Niggas in Paris, but completely destroyed and mashed frantically back together under a strobe light. At one point while writing this, I had the video playing in two different tabs at once. I barely noticed, because the track is already bloated with freaked-out beats and Brown’s tranquilized yelping. It’s pretty great. Check out the video for Dip, below.