Who is Dads? My grammar is fine—I’m not asking about the donor of half your DNA. I mean who is Dads, the Florida quartet of noise-punk dudes who dropped this ear-splitting track, “Invisible Blouse” via Wharf Cat Records in June? Maybe they’re shy as hell, cause there’s next to nothing about them available on the internet. If you’re determined though, you’ll find that they’ve been self-releasing material since 2010, two of their members are from garage collagers Merchandise, and they have the insight to know just how funny a cow can be.
The video for Invisible Blouse (via Spin) features a screen-in-screen setup of humorous contrasts. In one screen, you have a cow just doing it’s usual cow thing, and in the other you have a noxious party scene that may not be that unwholesome, but seems like a place your mother wouldn’t want you. This is due in part to the fact that the party is being held at a spot called Club Fuck. Watch the video below, and you’ll either crack a smirk at the oddness of it, or feel bad for the cow pigeonholed in the rancorous wall of screech and chaos that is Invisible Blouse.