There’s a lot going on in the Crystal Ark’s futuristic new music video for “We Came To.” The Crystal Ark is electronic music whiz and former LCD Soundsystem touring member Gavin Russom’s collaboration with Spanish songstress Viva Ruiz. The song itself is a feverish disco track with murmured Spanish vocals and a hypnotic, pulsating beat.

Viva Ruiz directed the video, which features clips of Russom in some sort of extraterrestrial dome equipped with a giant screen and a synthesizer reminiscent of Cerebro in the X-Mansion, and other members of the band dressed in all white workmen outfits splattered with multicolored paint wielding various tools and dancing together. Ruiz shows up sporting some Edward Scissorhand-like claws at one point, and, well, maybe this is just one of those videos you have to watch for yourself. Check it out, below.

“We Came To” is the first video off of The Crystal Ark’s latest LP, The Crystal Ark, released last month on DFA Records.