With the dust barely settled on 2013’s deeply confessional and often overwrought Lysandre, Christopher Owens has announced the release of a new solo album, A New Testament (Turnstile), which will feature the two tracks he dropped earlier this year, It Comes Back To You and Stephen. The former Girls frontman, who said on his website that “every new album is a new testament,” has certainly begun to deviate from the stripped-down sounds of Lysandre.
The music video for Nothing More Than Everything To Me shows Owens playing at what appears to be a dingy grade-school dance, replete with that awkward adolescent tension unique to scenarios in which boys and girls learn to approach one another for the first time. The sweet innocence of this often hackneyed scenario is made effortlessly beautiful by Owens, who wants his songs to reflect nothing save for “three chords and the truth.” Check out the music video below, along with the tracklist for A New Testament.

Tracklist For A New Testament:
01. My Troubled Heart
02. Nothing More Than Everything To Me
03. It Comes Back To You
04. Stephen
05. Oh My Love
06. Nobody’s Business
07. A Heart Akin The Wind
08. Key To My Heart
09. Over And Above Myself
10. Never Wanna See That Look Again
11. Overcoming Me
12. I Just Can’t Live Without You (But I’m Still Alive)