Dev Hynes is likely one of the few people who can  get away with releasing music videos at random intervals for an album that came out in 2013. But that’s entirely okay—2013’s Cupid Deluxe is the type of album properly devoid of any overwhelming hits, primarily because the songs contained in it constitute more of a delicately interwoven story, which moves listeners softly and slowly from one great track to the next.
Now, as a part of the ongoing video series from the online fashion hub SSENSE, Hynes has released a music video for the album’s underrated track High Street, featuring British rapper Skepta. The Lucy Luscombe-directed video features Hynes taking on a more ghostly role as Skepta takes up most of the video’s frames, and we follow him as he wanders despondently through the streets of London. Eventually, he ends up with Hynes as they glide around a creepily-lit bus terminal. Check out the video below, as well as Hynes’ recently-released, dance-heavy video for You’re Not Good Enough.