Over the past two months, the creepy horror-show supergroup Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks has been supplying us with new material off their upcoming debut, Enter The Slasher House, out April 8 in the U.S. and April 7 internationally via Domino. Today, they released a video for a new song, Strange Colores. The kaleidoscopic live performance video and the song itself both take a small step away from the band’s horror theme, but definitely continue their use of trippy imagery.
The video flashes rapid lights and blurry faces under the cover of vibrant colors. The song itself has a very different, more complex sound than the previously released Little Fang. Strange Colores explodes and crashes powerfully, putting the vocals in the backseat, whereas Little Fang lets them drive. With members like Animal Collective’s Avery Tare, ex-Dirty Projectors member Angel Deradoorian and ex-Ponytail member Jeremy Hyman, Slasher Flicks was bound to do cool things, but Strange Colores provides undeniable sonic proof. Watch below.