After two years of touring and little news re: upcoming material, Austra is officially back with a brand new music video for their song “Habitat,” as well as a four-track EP of the same title. The psychosexual music video, which features lead singer Katie Stelmanis playing the role of a downtrodden maid in a sex-addled motel (which is a theme we’ve seen before), is a beautiful, shadowy and borderline creepy look into the innocent anxieties that come with being intimate with people for the first time. As the camera switches from room to room, the interactions between the characters slowly build up in synchronicity with the song, revealing light strokes, tightly-wound hugs and, occasionally, softly-planted kisses. The Matt Lambert-directed clip also opens with a series of characters slowly mouthing phrases like “I want you” and “I need you,” which hints at the air of desperation and uneasiness that radiates from nearly every character.
“Habitat,” which is a beautiful and creepily repetitive track itself, has been in Austra’s inventory for a while now. Having written the song three years ago, they made the conscious decision to hold it back from 2013’s Olympia (Domino), only to bust it out on tours and create various remixes of the song in the interim. This makes sense, given that the track is an inherent frontrunner, the type of song deserving of its own title-track EP and capable of moving the band even further into the spotlight. Check out the video along with a few tour dates below.

Tour Dates For Austra:
06/21 – Ottawa, ONT – Ottawa Jazz Festival
07/03 – Pontevedra, ES – Festival Do Norte Isla De Arosa
07/05 – Vilanova I La Geltru, ES – Vida Festival
07/10 – London, UK – Oval Space
07/11 – Liege, BE – Les Ardentes Music Festival
07/14 – Bruges, BE – Cactus Festival
07/19 – Chiaverano, IT – A Night Like This Festival
08/09 – Squamish, BC – Squamish Festival
09/05 – Berlin, DE – Berlin Festival