Audacity’s 2008 debut LP, Power Drowning, was very good and very noisy. Last year’s Mellow Cruisers was also very good, but more polished, so that it didn’t threaten to blow out your speakers every time you hit play. Today, the SoCal scuzz fiends released their third full-length, Butter Knife, which looks like it’s gonna be equally impressive.
One of the tracks on that album is Hole In The Sky, a percussion-heavy battle march of a song, with a new visual that’s weirdly Leave It To Beaver. The grimy trio messes around with its instruments against a backdrop of ’50s Coca-Cola-style advertisements. A Dodgers muscle-tee and a white picket fence? Head bandana and a vacuuming Mom? Drum kit in the back of a Cadillac? Oh the juxtaposition. Check out the video (via Stereogum), below.