Alt-J-Music -Video
Alt-J’s new video for Left Hand Free prominently features a lot of non-Alt-J like activities, like reckless driving, summer-soaked pool parties, close-up shots of beautiful women, and a series of other confusing elements that make it feel like a Kid Rock video. In an interview with The Guardian, the band acknowledged that the more stripped-down sound of Left Hand Free was a result of wanting to appease their record label (Canvasback/Infectious), but it seems peculiar that they chose to make an expensive-looking video for a tune crafted out of contractual obligations.
Even so, the song, like the video, is enjoyable enough and likely built to attract the types of consumers their label wanted them to seek out in the first place. Left Hand Free may be carefree, but that doesn’t mean its innocently enjoyable feel should make us any less excited for their sophomore effort, This Is All Yours, which drops September 22. Check out the sun-kissed video below, along with a couple of tour dates.