When CMJ interviewed California rapper Alexander Spit earlier this month, he made no effort to hide his obvious affinity for writer Hunter S. Thompson, going so far ast to say that the title for his upcoming album, A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside, was inspired by the famous gonzo journalist. “Last year I was reading a lot of Hunter S. Thompson, and all the titles of his works are always 10-word titles,” said Spit. “I wanted to do something in that vein—come up with a title that alluded to drug use and at the same time could parallel this journey as an artist.” He wasn’t kidding.
Today SPIN premiered the thoroughly zonked-out video for Spit’s delirious album cut, “A Breathtaking Trip,” and it’s soaked in Thompson-like hijinks: copious drinking, mushroom gorging, convertible cruising. It even has a cameo from a scythe-wielding death figure straight out of a Bergman movie and a naked woman draped in an American flag. Welcome to the other side!
Watch the video, below.

A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside will be released January 29 on Decon. Check out the tracklist, which includes guest spots from Action Bronson, Mr. Muthafuckin’ Exquire, and more, here.