You know how when lots of good things are happening to you all at once, you start to feel like it’s only a matter of time before you get hit by a train or something? That’s kind of how I feel right now. Not helping my sense of impending doom is the too-good-to-be-true news that Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, is releasing a new album, Paracosm out August 13 via Sub Pop.
If the trailer is any indication of what the album’s going to be like, we’re looking at something straight-up paradisiacal. Chillwave without the chill, if you will. Though excellent and hypnotizing, most of 2011’s Within And Without made me feel like I was stuck in a perpetual shower of mist, due in part to the fact that the video for A Dedication plays like a documentary about doing laundry during a thunderstorm. Paracosm promises to be more expansive and experimental than Greene’s previous work, because he’s apparently using 50 different instruments on this album. That’s a lot, right? Someone ask Sufjan Stevens if that’s a lot. Also maybe ask Sufjan if I should start praying about this whole getting hit by a train thing. Take a look at the trailer for Paracosm, below.