Chillwave producer Ernest Greene, better known as Washed Out, just released his debut LP, Within And Without, and now he’s following it up with a music video for single “Eyes Be Closed.” Directed by Timothy Saccenti, who has directed videos for artists like Battles, Ariel Pink, Animal Collective and Passion Pit, and Alan Bibby, the video features actress/model Coco Young on a black motorcycle with an ever-changing green-screen backdrop.

With her leopard-print clothing, black sunglasses and windblown hair, Young could just as easily be in a perfume commercial as she rides by cities and through sunbeams atop the bike—until she crouches down, grips the handles with her leather-glove-clad hands and adopts a confused, worried expression that matches her now gray surroundings. As the climax of the song approaches, she and the bike leave the road for a psychedelic world of black-and-white flying geometric shapes before confetti crashes through her colorless world. View the video above.