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Cate Le Bon opened this sold out show with her quirky chop-folk and dark lyrics. A singer-songwriter from Penboyr, Wales, now based in Los Angeles, she’s been a sponge for some heady press over the last year, and her act was impecable. She’s supposedly close friends with Warpaint drummer, Stella Mozgawa, but the crowd’s more than welcome reaction had nothing to do with that.
Warpaint is definitely a very special band for their simplicity. Fans were very enthusiastic. In fact, one particularly enthused fan came from L.A. with a bucket of pink roses for them, which, unsurprisingly, ended up all over the stage. The band answered with a fantastic blast of songs from their new self-titled album like Disco/Very, Hi, Keep It Healthy and obviously, Love Is To Die, plus older tunes like Stars and Billie Holiday. The crush of the pit was surprising, even for the fever that Warpaint’s fans can raise.
Photos and words by Adela Loconte.