Adam Granduciel has the Dylan-nasal-thing on lock. As the singer of the Philly-based folk-throwback outfit War On Drugs, Granduciel tosses off world-weary polysyllabic mumbles over dense tape-hiss pastiche rock on Future Weather, an EP that plays like an impeccably ordered minialbum. This is a group that isn’t afraid to pursue big-hearted, gunning-it-down-the-highway moments (the unabashed “Walk Of Life”-referencing organ on “Baby Missiles”) and peculiar, dirt-path detours. Unlike some other self-consciously retro acts that embrace the bombast of Springsteen or Fleetwood Mac without nailing the warm ambiance of that sound, Granduciel and guitarist Kurt Vile pack these songs with golden, mercurial tones—love that sad, forlorn harmonica—that do more than just evoke classic rock, they reanimate it.