Photo by Andy De Santis

Despite their generally kitschy personas and squishy middle school friendship story, Wampire consistently managed to put out just-weird-enough pop songs last year that culminated in their debut LP, Curiosity. Now Wampire has moved from the two-man project of Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps to a full-fledged five-piece ready to drop its sophomore album, Bazaar.
The campiness is still there (note song titles The Amazing Heart Attack and Too Stoned), but given the sound of the LP’s first single, it seems sophistication is seeping in through the band’s Hawaiian t-shirts. Wizard Staff features sultry, serious boy vocals, vibrating guitars and—okay—a goofy sax break-down. Listen to the track and check out the Bazaar tracklist below.

Tracklist For Bazaar:
01. The Amazing Heart Attack
02. Bad Attitude
03. Fly On The Wall
04. Wizard Staff
05. Too Stoned
06. Millennials
07. Sticking Out
08. Life Of Luxury
09. People Of Earth