Intel, along with music software maker Cakewalk, invites you to weigh in on who should get up to $10,000 in a best in song contest. The competition, also sponsored by Orange Amplifier, Gibson Guitars and Blue Microphones, is divided into six categories: Rock, Pop, Country, Singer-Songwriter, Urban and Latin. Users can boost their favorites into the top 10 and get them on the list for judging by a team of pros, mostly record execs, who will pick the winners. All the action is going down on, the social media platform for up-and-comers. The first place winners in each category get a prize pack while top dog will get those 10,000 bones to put toward souping-up the tour van, buying new gear or paying for time in the studio. You can browse the selections here. Sorting through, it is kind of like Hot Or Not meets Pandora. Voting ends December 15 at 11:59 p.m.