Brooklyn’s favorite garage gals, Vivian Girls, have called it a rainy day. After nearly seven years of reverb-drenched guitars, peppy melancholy, and a fair bit of quasi-fame, the missuses of muddle released a statement of thanks and announced two final all-ages shows.

“Brooklyn, New York, March 2007: we started making music together and became what we know as Vivian Girls. It’s been a long and crazy journey in the seven years since, and we feel as though the time has finally come to let ourband rest in peace. It’s been an experience that we’ll look back on and cherish and we’d like to thank you for sharing it with us. We have had such an amazing time being a band, touring the world, releasing records and meeting all of you…. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, everyone who has come to our shows, bought our records and supported us, and everyone we will meet in the future.”

Maybe not coming as a total surprise, as the band hasn’t been very active in the last year or so, all three now ex-Vivain Girls will continue on with their busy offshoots: La Sera, the Babies and Upset. But they did schedule two send-off shows in New York and L.A.
Vivian Girls Good-Bye Shows:
02/14 – Los Angeles, CA – The Church On York
03/01 – Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio