Siren Fest is no more. That’s the announcement coming from the Village Voice today. Replacing it is the 4Knots Festival, which will take place, rain or shine, on July 16 at the South Street Seaport. Named after the speed of the East River, it’s free and all-ages. The festival’s full lineup will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Voice is being surprisingly mum about what caused the unexpected demise of the Siren Fest, which had a successful run at Coney Island for 10 years. A blog post on the Village Voice‘s Sound Of The City says only, “Siren had a fantastic 10-year run, but the 4Knots Festival will replace it on the Voice’s summer-show docket. Embrace change!” Music fans are already expressing their displeasure about the venue change through comments on the Voice‘s website, particularly in light of the Drake concert/riot fiasco that happened at the South Street Seaport last summer. But hey, the new location is much more convenient, so as long as they still have funnel cake we’re not complaining.