You’re more likely to recognize the work of the Sleepy Rebels from television than from the radio. The group’s songs have been used in commercials for companies like Volkswagen and JCPenney, and on the TV show Private Practice. Comprising Jeremy Adelman and Brazilian-American siblings Bruce and Erica Driscoll, Sleepy Rebels seeks to re-establish positive messages with an aura of cool. All three members come to the group with a wide range of past musical experiences—Adelman worked as a composer in the film and TV industry for many years before returning to the music world, and the Driscoll siblings founded the band Astaire before joining Sleepy Rebels.

The new video for Sleepy Rebels’ song “Looking Glass” is a melancholy affair with a touch of the surreal. As Erica walks through a deserted European town, surrounded by cobblestones and quaint squat buildings, she sings about her detachment from the rest of the world: “In my looking glass/I see a beautiful view/In my life/Only love is real.” Her vocals are sweet, with just a hint of vibrato. A time-lapse effect at the end, mixed with interlocking guitar melodies, imbues the project with a dreamy, curious feeling. Not much really happens in the video—there’s no plot to speak of—but the gray, monochromatic feel fits the band’s name and the song. “Looking Glass” is a peaceful melody best played on a quiet, somber afternoon.