What could be more eye-opening than reading the personal writings of a death-row prisoner? Probably not a lot, and according to the Winter Sounds’ lead singer and songwriter, Patrick Keenan, it was the spring board into the inspiration behind the Nashville band’s latest single and video for “The Sun Also Rises,” premiering here on CMJ. The single is off the group’s upcoming full-length album, Runner, available November 27 on New Granada.
While contemplating the track’s heavy themes, feast your eyes on the band’s psychedelic video, which offers layers of colors and objects on top of the group’s precise performance. The song itself is poppy and energetic, though the lyrics may seem otherwise, dealing with death and rebirth all the while tying in with the appropriate imagery throughout the clip, directed by Jeffrey Moore and later artistically altered by Bob Jones.
“The end result was a rush of colors and images, and I thought it perfectly captured the kind of explosive quality of that earlier revelation—one’s place in the universe—the insignificance and the everything all at once,” explains Keenan via e-mail. “In the end it’s just a video—it’s two ideas colliding at once and hopefully will resonate with people as a visual piece.”
Check it out, below.