Avant-noise act Wild Style Lion is guitarist Philipp Virus (known for his music videos for Atari Teenage Riot, Dinosaur Jr. and Jim Jarmush), producer and Kid Congo Powers collaborator Khan Of Finland, and classically trained pianist and composer Boris Bergmann on drums and keyboards. Their full-length Anti-Hero is out on I’m Single Records this month, but we’ve got the first look at the video for “Lovewasinme,” featuring co-vox from Kim Gordon.

The pulpy horror clip is jammed with bloody scenes, stalking wolves, noir city nights and goblin green tongues of flame. Unsurprisingly, it’s a combination of footage of Wild Style Lion plus two Virus-directed short films, The Animal Hide and Brandenburg 1.

Check it out, below.

Tracklist for Anti-Hero:
01. Grey Sedan
02. Lovewasinme
03. Charlie Charlie
04. Kingdom Cum
05. Godwasinme
06. mother
07. miserable day
08. Voulcers
09. No President
10. Up In Smoke
bonus: Grey Sedan (Kim Gordon Version)