You know how on really hot days it can feel like you’re walking around inside someone’s mouth? Well, Weird Womb recently spent 10 hours shooting a music video inside someone’s mouth. Actually, it was a warehouse in Bushwick during a 100-degree heatwave, but I doubt they’d really be opposed to the mouth thing.
The less-than-luxurious location where the Brooklyn-based foursome filmed the video Pale Piss is fitting. The track is grimy and thick-tongued, weighed down by drunk guitars and Dakota Pollock’s phlegmy growl. Today, we’re premiering the clip, which plays like a cool-but-not-cool photobooth session and makes me think of unwashed, sweaty thighs. We also chatted with Dakota about filming the video, the 1990s, and someone named Cool Breeze.

Can you talk a little bit about the filming of your video? From the looks of it, it was pretty sweaty.
We were mentally and physically exhausted. You’d crack a beer and it’d be warm within five minutes. We went through at least six 12 packs but nobody could get drunk because the alcohol was seeping from our pores. We didn’t even care that we smelled terribly because the heat splintered our sanity. Initially we had pitched these ridiculous and unrealistic ideas for the video, but they weren’t plausible. We worked off an $80 budget.
Did you ever stop and think “Maybe we should just wait till it gets cooler”?
We couldn’t wait until it was cooler because we only had the lights for 24 hours and once they were returned, we’d have to rent them again. So we decided just to shoot the damn thing in a single day. Endless takes, being fed up with the song because we had to hear a recording of it for over 10 hours—whatever. I am very pleased with the video because we look repulsive and disgusted. It’s our personalities in their purest form.
Weird Womb is kinda hard to say because of the alliteration and “womb” is just a weird word in general. Did you choose the name to make people fumble with it?
The Weirdos was already taken by a much better band. Though we do share an equal enthusiasm when we wind up on a flyer listed as Weird Bomb.
Your upcoming 7-inch is called Ruined By The 90s. Do you think the ’90s actually “ruined” you?
I’d always find it hilarious when someone would claim that they had been listening to the Sex Pistols and the Ramones since elementary school. But when you see a picture of them as a teenager, they’re using L.A. Looks to spike bleached tips through a Hurley visor and making sure the puka shell necklace showed nicely on some shirt from Pacific Sunwear. Ruined By The 90s is an acceptance that we were thrust into a shitty decade and that we were all left with somewhat embarrassing pasts. If you notice on the album art, the “r” is backwards. A nod to Korn—a band that we had a deep affection for in pre-pre pubescence.
What weren’t you able to do on the 7-inch that you’d like to do with a full-length?
The only trouble I found with the 7-inch is that we didnt have enough time to record a cover of the brilliant single “How Bizarre” by New Zealand group OMC.
In your interview with NY Press, you quote Rimbaud, who wrote, “one must be absolutely modern,” but do you think that’s still possible?
I was only trying to say one must be relevant. And if that means stealing from the past to further your program, then do so. I’m a huge thief, I’m just familiar with the lesser known passages.
You guys definitely have a sense of humor about your music. How do you think music can benefit from humor?
I feel bad for people that don’t have the guts or sensibility to laugh at themselves. Most “artists” are concerned with their image and reputation, but that comes after the art. I always liked the guy who has the courage to humiliate and embarrass himself. Maybe that’s just my attempt at justifying always being the idiot passed out at parties and bar stools by 11:30.
After the 7-inch is released, what’s next? Are you planning a tour?
We’re planning a west cost tour beginning in November. It’ll begin in Tucson. And in the winter we’ll record a new EP and continue to upset rock ‘n’ roll conventions and behavior.
You guys grew up in Tucson and you’re always talking about how weird it is. Can you give me some “Weird Tucson” anecdotes?
“Kiss my spaceship motherfucker.” – Cool Breeze