Warm Soda

Warm Soda

We can assume that, being based in Texas, most of the soda this catchy quartet swallows down might be a bit tepid, but don’t assume the same of their tunes. Warm Soda are usually as fizzy as the coldest Coke in mid-July, like this tune and it’s VHS-wistful clip for Cryin’ For A Love from their new Castle Face album, Symbolic Dream.

The sparkly riff leads the band through an ice cream run of a singalong, with leader Matthew Melton going even more cheeky than usual with the cooing. The quotient of sexy faces to unsexy clothes is interesting to ponder. For now, the funster randomness of it all works great in this video, and after three albums and much touring, the band seems at a kind of peppy peak.

The lads are finishing up a lengthy Euro tour, eating scones somewhere in England right about now, and will be back for a couple homecoming shows, check the dates below. But first, dig that Cryin’ For A Love video premiere, and see how Mr. Melton jabbed back on some quickie questions.

Name you four bands to play on a dream bill:
Bob Marley, John Lennon, Prince and Jimi Hendrix because they all tune to 432Hz.

A quick description of the most recent weird dream you had:
I have this weird recurring dream where I’m in the desert and I get this strange symbol printed on my hand with my eyes—kind of like when you look at a light bulb and the image gets burned in your vision. And then I go into this pyramid thing, and these robed ladies are looking at the symbol and talking in some weird alien language. That one has been tripping me out since I was 8 years old!

If not in a band, your dream job:
Working the door at Hotel Vegas.

Dream director to direct your next video:
Dwight Twilley because he still has some really cool ideas, and when I ask him in my recurring dream to do it he would say, ” Sure thing Matthew, Twilley don’t mind!”

Tour Dates for Warm Soda:
06/26 – Austin,TX – Hotel Vegas
06/27 – San Antonio, TX – K23 Gallery