“A place where dream pop happens,” are the words Mark Berg uses to describe his bedroom project Tropic Harbour. These same words could also be used to describe the video we’re premiering today for his new track, Colour. The cinematic clip is filled with dreamlike images that might make you wish you lived in Berg’s hometown of Alberta, or anywhere outside a concrete-permeated city.

The meandering video also fits the hazy, Smiths-esque, fizzy pop track nicely. It features shots of Berg sauntering around town, juxtaposed against kaleidoscopic moments of nature. The ocean plays a big role too, with footage of the beach, the well-worn boardwalk, the waves crashing… you know, the usual. This, however, doesn’t mean that the video lacks beauty or originality. The color-saturated landscape will quickly transport you to this utopian, blue-greenish place Berg seems to be singing about. Colour will be featured on Tropic Harbour’s debut 7-inch, out later this year. Take a moment off and enjoy some peace of mind transmitted by Colour in the video below.