Through The Sparks, Jody Nelson

Photo by Liesa Cole

The Birmingham, AL, folk-rock group Through The Sparks gives us a taste of its feel-good psychedelic sound on the band’s newly released EP, Alamalibu. Named after the band’s in-house studio, Alamalibu was recorded after Through The Sparks accomplished the feat of putting out a single every month for a year. Needless to say, the guys have been busy.
Today, CMJ is premiering the video for “Angel Fix,” an edgier track from the EP with a ripping guitar solo. The video, directed by Hunter Barrow, tells the story of a dude who is having a very bad day. Frontman Jody Nelson answered a few questions about the video for us, which you can find below.

Tell me the story of this video. Why is this poor guy being subjected to such a bad day?
I think what Hunter was trying to convey is the “bound to lose” lyric. Even though the guy is great at what he does, there is a “gotta laugh or else you cry” thing going on here. Without getting into a literal interpretation of the song, I’d say that he nailed the message.
Did the video idea come from the band or from Hunter?
Hunter had free reign with the video, with the only instruction from us being that it should be absurd.
Why did you decide to go for the split-screen style?
Again, that was Hunter’s doing, but there were so many shots for a two-minute-and-some-seconds-length song. It has a good frantic pace.
How many times have you watched Rocky?
I’ve seen the original one an average amount of times for a 32-year-old male. But, the second one; I lost count at 200. I actually once wanted to call the band Apollo Creed but got shot down.