The Hunting Club’s bio calls friendship the “driving force” behind the Seattle fivesome’s music and when you watch the video for their single, Shouldn’t Be So Easy, you can see why. The color-saturated video is like a montage of friendship bracelets in video form, set to a catchy-as-heck garage-pop gem.
It seems like a lot of videos released recently have focused on creating the most disturbing visuals as possible: slimy slugs, unwanted face-licking, sibling sex. But The Hunting Club have managed to dispel the notion that you need to be provocative to be attention-grabbing. Although the setting (a wedding) could easily force the video into cliché territory, the clip’s warm aesthetic and infectious glee make you want to dive inside and embrace its rom-com vibes. But seeing as the song is seemingly about the end of a relationship (“It shouldn’t be so easy for you to leave me”), The Hunting Club may just be toying with our emotions.
The track itself is one of those instantly enjoyable tunes, with a bridge and chorus that glues itself in your head. Matt St. Clair’s gruff twang and Tim Damon’s polished croon lead a parade of enthusiastic guitars, thumping drums and twinkling keys. The band’s debut EP Holiday Beach was released yesterday via Hood Cabin and is available in digital and vinyl format. Check out the CMJ premiere of Shouldn’t Be So Easy below, and recognize that sometimes it is.