The twin sisters of Canadian neo-folk duo Tasseomancy, Sari and Romy Lightman, have a new album coming out via This Spark next week. In advance of the release of Ulalume, we have the U.S. premiere for Tasseomancy’s video for “Soft Feet.” The duo list its influences as ambient sounds, drone music and Eastern songs, all of which are present and accounted for here, from the ghostly lyrics to the sustained groans of a cello.
The girls have been busy backing for Austra and producing their record with Timber Timbre—very industrious for folksters. Ulalume is Tasseomancy’s second full-length album, and judging by the sound of “Soft Feet,” will be some heavy listening.
For the forthcoming LP, the sisters adopted the name of their first album, Tasseomancy (released under their old name, Ghost Bees) to better suit the changes they’ve made to their sound. “Tasseomancy” or “tasseography” is the method of fortune-telling by reading tea leaves—something Sari and Romy’s Russian grandmother did, a photo of her practicing served as the duo’s first album cover. You’re going to need some divination to figure out what’s going on in this video: footage of ice melting and forming, a walk in a corn field, water running backwards and upside down, it has the vague tether-less feel of a fortune; but that just may be the point.