Yes, it really is that song.

Which leads us to the question—when has ‘far’ gone ‘too far’? When it features dudes covered in blood? Grown dudes who whip their non-existent long hair (bar one who gives off an Andrew W.K. kinda vibe) back and forth in time to their cover of the song that crowned Willow Smith an internet phenom via 39 million views?

If you need the case illustrated, Skull Tape has got you covered with its latest video. The project of the Mae Shi member Brad Breeck takes on wee Willow’s track by adding parentheses and comical brutality to the title—“Whip My Hair (Drowned In Blood).” The song is transformed into punk-rap with a crunk Euro dance beat, which doesn’t sound ideal, but makes for amusing viewing. Milk is involved.

The track also veers off into a Skull Tape original titled “Drowning In Blood,” lifted off the band’s forthcoming LP, The Invisible Hand And The Descent Of Man out April 12 via LA’s Fine. Until then, peep the video and note the way it takes on a wet brah t-shirt competition feel at around 5:02.