Silkies came into being one night in Austin when Caufield Schnug and Lira Mondal impulsively decided to write a song together and within a few minutes of jamming they created the sunny, jangle-pop tune “Like One.” Though they previously played in other groups together, it wasn’t until the duo collaborated without extra bandmates that they were satisfied with the results, allowing spontaneity to guide their songwriting process.
Having relocated to Boston, where Schnug is pursuing a Ph.D at Harvard and Mondal is working as a chef, the pair recently put out an EP on Heart Throb/Young Latitudes. Today CMJ is premiering the charming music video for “Like One,” which features a series of what seem to be first takes of the band bopping around their neighborhood, playing with maps and generally being themselves.
It has a tossed-off, ramshackle quality that fits with the pair’s sugar-rush, garage rock aesthetic. Check it out, below.