Sean Davenport has had bad luck with love. But on Hills Like ElephantsThe Endless Charade, he sets his troubles to keyboard-and-guitar-led rock that’s so upbeat, you might miss the somber lyrics coming out of his Will Sheff warble. Today, the San Diego-based musician and his band are releasing the video for the LP’s “Invisible Ink” exclusively on CMJ.
The video was shot at Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop in San Diego—a venue you might know if you watch Man V. Food—which also happens to be Davenport’s workplace. Davenport says “Invisible Ink” is about him “venting about [his] day-to-day interactions,” so what better place to shoot a video than his place of employment?
“The idea of the album was to make heartbreaking lyrics with a more upbeat musical feel under it,” says Davenport. “Coincidentally I thought it coincided with the album’s mentality to sing these emotional lyrics in a setting with a bunch of goofy stuff on the walls.”
If the keyboard plinks or the Luche Libre decor doesn’t grab your attention, then maybe the drummer sitting on the toilet will, a spontaneous decision made by the drummer on the spot, according to Davenport. The video was shot at around 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning and went on throughout the day. Like any other red-blooded young person, none of them actually went to bed early the night before.
“We were all in pretty rare form and kept the fun going through the video shoot, but I think he [the drummer] definitely won the award for roughest shape,” says Davenport. “However in his half-sober state he did create some pretty spectacular moments.”