Rafi eL calls the mountains of South America the “source of his creativity,” but in his video for Senda, he traveled to Central America. El Salvador, to be exact, but his creativity doesn’t seem to be in short supply. The track, which comes off Rafi’s upcoming debut LP, Ay De Mi, melds elements of electronic synths, reggaeton slaps, and the rough-hewn rhythms of Rafi’s Argentinian ancestry.

Directed by Edson Amaya, the video for the track revolves around a castaway theme, in which Rafi is coughed up by the ocean onto a deserted island. Exploring the island’s untouched territory, Rafi creates instruments using reeds, pieces of wood, coconuts and the crashing of the ocean. Behind all this, a melee of synths scuffles around with shiny artificiality. Check it out below.