Polock - Photo by Carles Rodrigo

Polock – Photo by Carles Rodrigo

As many of you are still waiting for spring to uncoil, this Madrid-based pop band’s tunes will hasten that summer feeling. Polock is all 1985 teen movie sunset at the pool party vibe with a now radio-pop sheen that signals success beyond Spain. Within their near four-year existence, they’ve already played around Europe and Japan, their tunes have been used in some TV commercials, they played SXSW, etc. So, yeah, you’ll be hearing more from them.
Their new album, Rising Up—the follow-up to their 2011 debut, Getting Down From The Trees—will be out April 15 on Nacional Records, and here’s a beam of light from it. This video for Everlasting, that we’re premiering today is, visually, less summer fun and more classic fixed boxing match movie drama, all black and white and bruised and sweaty. So lace up your gloves and jump into the video below.