Vermont’s Chamberlin is putting out its sophomore EP, Look What I’ve Become, next week on Audiotree, and ahead of that release, the band is premiering its latest video with CMJ. This is the first video from the group’s new “Above The Valleys” series and was shot during a party in a log cabin in Chamberlin’s home state. In this portion, the band debates the spelling of EP track “Thief” (“‘I’ before ‘e'”) before launching into a performance of it. The sound is rooted in spacious Americana, but its grungy, percussive undercurrent sucks the light out of it and pushes it toward sludgy rock.
This particular cabin in Vermont is where Chamberlin writes and rehearses all of its music, and according to Megan McDonough, part of the filming and directing crew, getting access to that space made the shoot much more reflective of who the band is. “So much of the time we try and figure out what was going on in the heads of people who have inspired us and don’t get anywhere,” she says. “So to actually have the chance to see a tangible space attached to a band’s creativity goes a long way toward understanding all the thought and emotion that went into that album.” Check out the video below and the band’s new EP when it comes out September 4.[/vimeo]