According to Max Burgundy‘s Tumblr, the Brooklyn-based artist is everything you could ask for in the next Kid Cudi wordsmith: “Rapper. Brooklyn. Real. Brilliant.” According to his Twitter page, he’s a “Bronx born self-made hustler,” and a hustler with a hot new summer anthem about eating an unhealthy breakfast, not wanting to get a job or deal with parents and teachers, and practicing questionable grooming habits to boot. The song, “Save Ferris (Fuck My Job),” has just been equipped with a new video in which Burgundy gives the metaphorical middle finger to having a job and wearing a tie.
It seems pertinent to mention that “Save Ferris” samples the theme song from the TV series The Office, but there’s not much to say about that. More interesting is the use of captions and titles throughout the music video, allowing viewers to chant along to the catchy rallying cry that is “I’m calling in sick (Ferris Bueller)!” They also soften the blow when Burgundy randomly remarks, “Amy Winehouse is gone, that bitch is dead.”
Burgundy posted on Tumblr that he is currently in the studio working on his next single, “Downtown Dreamin’.” Until then, if his song is to be believed, he will be collecting unemployment checks from the city of New York, spray-painting “save ferris” on its buildings, and lighting firecrackers at 2 a.m.