What is mutton busting? That’s a good question. Apparently, in certain parts of the country it’s perfectly acceptable to take your 2- to 6-year-old child, strap a helmet on their tiny, fragile, still-growing head and throw them on the back of a frantic sheep in front of a cheering audience. It’s a very, very real thing at junior rodeos, and now it’s the very, very funny focus of the video for Math The Band’s “Get Real.”
If you’ve ever wanted to see a child get trampled by a sheep, this is the video for you. Over the sugar-rush of a title track off Math The Band’s 2012 album, Get Real, a bunch of helpless tykes try their best to cling to the soft, delicate wool of a sheep as it runs, kicks and generally tries to figure out why there’s a terrified kid clinging to its back. As the song says, “We just gotta get it together/We just don’t know how.” Kinda like these kids. And the sheep.
Watch the video, below. Also, check out Math The Band’s less sheep-filled videos here. The Rhode Island power-pop duo is doing a video for each song on the album, so hopefully the next one will be all about the elderly fighting alligators.