Luxe Pop, Luxe Pop Premiere, I'm Not Driving, One Bulb Room
New York rock quintet Luxe Pop served us a taste of its no-frills alterna-rock on the band’s self-titled EP in 2008, a short collection that unfolds with AC/DC simplicity and sticks with Franz Ferdinand catchiness. Today you can finally hear what Luxe Pop has been working on these past four years in the form of “I’m Not Driving,” the debut single and video from the upcoming One Bulb Room LP.
In the video a nimble, hoodie-clad thief—who Lisbeth Salander might act like if she gave up her homicide investigations for a life of petty trolling—leads the band on a merry trans-Manhattan chase after boosting some incriminating boudoir artifacts. Find out what Luxe Pop doesn’t want you to see in the video below, and scope the Luxe Pop website for news of the band’s impending album release party.