Lobo Marino - Photo by Todd Raviotta

Lobo Marino – Photo by Todd Raviotta

Lobo Marino drone up a loose, mantra-folk sound that feels like what you’d assume might come from some bohos living on an artist colony on the coast of India, not an apartment in Richmond, VA. This title track from the duo’s upcoming album is a stellar example, as its tumbling drums and harmonium vibrate through your frontal lobe while Laney Sullivan’s voice works on dragging the rest of your mind along.

Though over-emotive modern dance can try one’s patience, the painted bodies doing it here in the video fit the song perfectly, as does the beautiful beach scenery. This is a good one to meditate to and get revived from your mid-week doldrums. And as the duo tells us below, that Indian beach vibe is rooted in, well, India.

Find out a little more about Lobo Marino below, and check out the video premiere and tour dates. We Hear The Ocean rolls in on May 12 via Bad Friend.

So it’s been noted that you have traveled through Argentina and India. Why, how, when?
Jameson Price: Actually we’ve been to many countries. Lobo Marino was born on the road. We spent a year and a half traveling and working on communes and farms in Chile, Argentina and Colombia. It was during that trip that we wrote our first album and named our band after the giant Pacific sea lion. Traveling has always been a part of our musical journey. We most recently spent time in India where we bought our new harmonium and lived on the banks of the Ganges.

Assuming there are many, can you tell us of one particular instance you can recall from your travels that has influenced the sound of your music?
Laney Sullivan: One of the greatest things about traveling is how often you encounter new musical experiences. Throughout our travels we have tried to keep a curious and humble ear. Once while we were living in Granada, Spain, we found a Vietnamese mouth harp in a music shop. Jameson took it with him while he walked the Camino De Santiago De Compostela—an ancient Catholic pilgrimage. He taught himself to play along the way and it has been a part of our music ever since.

You are currently based in Richmond, VA. Can you actually hear the ocean from where you live? And if so, what’s it been saying lately?
JP: In Richmond we can hear the James River. We can walk there from our house. It’s the most important water source of our city, and the park system that surrounds it keeps us all mentally healthy. It’s waters run to the bay and then to the ocean. We Hear The Ocean is a call for respect to water sources. It’s intention is to bring awareness and a greater sense of connection to the waters that flow within us and around us.

So you guys have played “yoga studios to basement shows.” We can assume the obvious differences, but what is similar about playing those two venues?
LS: Both of these setting are incredibly intimate. When we are playing at ground level and only an arms length away from the people who are experiencing the music you can have some remarkably personal connections. Although it sounds strange, we find that there are more similarities then difference between yoga and basement shows. These small spaces are the hubs of tight knit communities of people who are actively engaged in experiencing life together.

This is your fifth album. Were there any glaring differences in how you recorded this record compared to the previous ones?
JP: Our musical style has changed a lot since our first album, as have our recording methods. Most of our albums are based around field recordings and natural live settings. We have set up mobile studios in all different kinds of spaces. We wanted We Hear The Ocean to have a more controlled feel. It felt like the next step in our continuous journey of our music. We are always experimenting, so this is a new type of experiment for us. Ryan Little did a beautiful job capturing the essence of our sound, and we are excited for it’s release.

Tour Dates for Lobo Marino:
05/09 – Richmond, VA – Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
05/10 – Blacksburg, VA – Blacksburg Yoga Collective
05/11 – Johnson City, TN – Acoustic Coffeehouse
05/12 – Asheville, NC – Homewood Castle
05/13 – Boone, NC – Neighborhood Yoga
05/21 – Athens, GA – Rubber Soul Yoga
05/22 – Athens, GA – Flicker Theatre & Bar
05/23 – Atlanta, GA – Mammal Gallery
05/24 – Atlanta, GA – Big House on Ponce
05/28 – Nashville, TN – Queen Avenue Art Collective
05/29 – Nashville, TN – Little Lights Show
05/31 – Bristol TN/VA – Bristol Yoga
06/01 – Charleston, WV – Lifespring Yoga
06/02 – Huntington, WV – Studio 8
06/04 – Floyd, VA – Dogtown Roadhouse
06/05 – Roanoke, VA – 3rd Street Coffeehouse
06/06 – Yogaville, VA – Satsang