Little Racer - Photo by Abigail Smithson

Little Racer – Photo by Abigail Smithson

Though they’ve been around near four years, we’ve only heard a few inklings from the Brooklyn jangle-rock four-piece, Little Racer. And it’s no wonder that England’s had nearly as much contact with the band—they’ve played some shows and had a 7-inch released over there—since their sound has a très Brit suave sway. They can mix it up live, but you’ll mostly get swept up in the subtly layered guitars and in-control crooning.
Their sudden steady stream of shows and Bandcamp tunes comes just in time, as their music’s perfect for early summer rooftop swiggin’ and smilin’. Like Dancing off their new Modern Accent EP, out April 8 on Papercup Music. The record release party is Saturday, April 12 at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, with their friends Honduras, opening the show. Check the shadowy party vibe of the Dancing video premiere below, and see what the band had to say about their recent flurry of activity after the jump.

Quick band history:
Elliot Michaud (vocals, guitar), Ish Nazmi (bass) and Dave Tedeschi (drums) recorded Little Racer and Split For The Coast almost four years ago. Things happened after that—nine new and old members, singles in the U.K., a jaunt in London, maybe even a break up. A year and change ago, Wade joined us, we wrote Modern Accent, and got this video premiered. That’s the history up to the minute.
It seems like the band is much busier these days. Why now?
It’s hard to tell. A lot has changed with the band over the past few years, members for instance. When people are coming and going, it’s easy to second guess your moves. We might be past that now, and it let’s us write and play without worrying that the bottom’s going to fall out again. Having Papercup Music and Young and Lost Club backing us is no small part of it either.
Who directed the Dancing video? Whose idea was it?
We worked with our friend Alex Christenson, his work is over at We knew we wanted something moody with lots of light and shadow. Alex had these great visual ideas and we let him run with it.
Director Alex Christenson: The idea of shoes was an obvious one (Dancing) that stuck and the other plays on that theme (shoe tossing, crowd dancing). Then the guy gets hit because we think asking girls to dance is stupid and you shouldn’t do that.
First single off Modern Accent was called, Punk Life, about giving up the punk life. Next one is called Dancing. So has there been a seismic, genre-affiliated shift in the lives of the Little Racers over the last two years?
Yes, we were never punks. They’re just song names because you have to name songs, and it only takes a few seconds to realize that we’re not giving you the Casualties or club beats. We started out writing pop music and we still do; whether the songs are changing is purely from whatever is coming out of our brew.
Do you all live in Brooklyn? And if so, what is so not Brooklyn about you? And is it hard for a Brooklyn band to avoid those tendencies?
Brooklyn has become such a commodity hasn’t it? It’s hard to shake it if you’re from here, you’ll be “Brooklyn band Little Racer” until you earn the top billing in that headline. Elliot just moved to Queens though, so we’re officially “Bi-Borough band Little Racer.”