JPNSGRLS – Photo by Tomas Uribe

Remember Art Attack? Better yet, remember its host Neil Buchanan, whose cloying rendition of an adult made you ache with second-hand embarrassment? I’m sure you do, and Vancouver quartet JPNSGRLS will help you relive those joyous, blushy times with their new video for Friday The 13th. We’re excited to premiere the clip today, which, if you look at your calendar, is pretty serendipitous timing. The track is off the band’s upcoming release, The Sharkweek EP 12-inch, which is an expanded version of their debut EP, released this summer. The 12-inch will be available on vinyl with a free digital download on February 11 via Light Organ Records.
David Tenniswood directs the ’90s-themed video. In it, the band’s jamming sessions are constantly interrupted by an overly enthusiastic man, who’s building a Friday the 13th-themed art piece. The catchy track is inspired by an insta-crush vocalist Charlie Kerr had when he was seventeen. Aww. Watch the video below and enjoy the trip down memory lane.