More than two months after the release of well-loved hip-hop DJ J.Rocc‘s Some Cold Rock Stuf, L.A.-based label Stones Throw is ready to premiere the music video for “Play This (Also)” exclusively on CMJ. Some Cold Rock Stuf is the first album of original material J.Rocc has released since starting to DJ in the 1980s and founding the Beat Junkies in the 1990s. The “original turntablist” also put together three “mystery discs” to include with copies of the physical album so that fans can receive one of the three possible discs per sale.

Some Cold Rock Stuf showcases a variety of different genres J.Rocc has tucked under his belt, from the instrumental, loop-and-breakdown hip-hop he is most known for to more psychedelic and electronic work. In “Play This (Also),” J.Rocc sticks to his roots with a drum cymbal-smashing groove that harkens back to classic hip-hop sounds like the Jungle Brothers and De La Soul.

In the video, directed by Merv Maranan and Ian Schwaier, a woman hunts down a burglar who sneaks into her house after she leaves. While the video looks a lot like a deodorant commercial in the beginning, “Play This (Also)” turns into a manhunt shot with a fisheye camera after the lead woman catches the burglar in her house trying to steal a huge painting right off the wall—a conspicuously large bounty for a burglar who went through the trouble of wearing a ski mask and trying to run away when caught. The video has more to it than meets the eye; watch for the pizza at the end, because according to some, pizza symbolizes the Holy Trinity. Church of J.Rocc, anyone?