For all the talk about how “Detroit’s comin’ back!” Human Eye leader, Timmy Lampinen (aka Timmy Punk, Timmy Vulgar, Timmy V. Lamp), has never strayed. Since the mid-90s, he’s been a fevered fixture on the Detroit gutter-rock scene as singer/guitarist/multi-what the hell is THAT-ist in future-punk combos the Epileptix, Clone Defects, Human Eye and Timmy’s Organism, mainly. And in between, this juggling mofo has become an amazing mixed media artist (he won a Kresge Foundation grant for his artwork). And after a very brief musical respite—during which he set up a kind of weekly culinary residency at the Painted Lady bar in Hamtramck with his Taco Nights—his Human Eye combo has flung goo at the world again with their excellent new album, 4: Into Unknown (Goner).
Just this morning, we were sent this brand new Human Eye video alert from a satellite somewhere outside Saturn’s like 13th or 14th moon, and were instructed to show it to you all. And frankly, it’s the best music video since, I don’t know, “Undercover Of The Night” from the Rolling Stones maybe? Anyway, this is like that, only with bad bug bites, giant bug monsters, trash-strewn back alleys of Detroit splayed with Human Eye live footage, an utterly incendiary sick-psych song (needless to say), and more colors than a Candy Crush game dunked in paint thinner. Directed by fellow space-traveler, Nick Lloyd, it might just get you re-thinking that desperate desire for summer to come back soon, mowing lawns specifically. Devour it with your eyes, before it devours you.