Photo by Karina Ordell

Last night, among friends, music and margaritas, we announced the artist lineup for CMJ 2013. It was understandably very exciting. And to keep riding that high, today we’re premiering a video from CMJ 2013 act Happy Fangs for their single, Lion Inside You. Happy Fangs, the San Franciscan duo of Rebecca Bortman and Michael Cobra, makes the kind of music that’s really good for riling people up, which is good, ’cause we like being riled up.
The video for “Lion Inside You” is kinda like a Jim Jarmusch movie—you know, that one with all the coffee and cigarettes. Except it’s a whole lot less about casual routines and a whole lot more about weird things: like mouth close-ups, Beetlejuice-esque sculptures and face paint. The track itself is unapologetically fast, loud and growly—almost like the duo is channeling their inner, oh I dunno…lions? Check out the video below and download the track via Soundcloud here.