Guts Club is the moniker of one Lindsey Baker, who started the project as a series of DIY videos set to vaguely morbid, but tongue-in-cheek sore-throat pop. Today we’ve got the premiere of one of those videos for the song Weird Boat. The finger-plucked, very Daniel Johnston-esque track is visualized by grainy, summer camp footage wrapped in shivering esophagal animation.

All this will culminate in the release of Guts Club’s debut LP, The Arm Wrestling Tournament, this February on Important Records. Until then, watch the video for Weird Boat below.

Tour Dates For Guts Club:
12.10 – The Fire – Philadelphia, PA
12.23 – Trash Bar – Brooklyn, NY
12.28 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY
01.20 – The Delancey – New York, NY