And now we have come to the part of the day where we premiere Boston’s the Grownup Noise‘s video for “So It Goes.” The quintet, made up of Paul Hansen (vocals/guitar/keys), Adam Sankowski (bass/keys/vocals), Katie Franich (cello/keys/vocals), Aine Fujioka (drums/vocals) and Todd Marsten (accordion/keys), has been doing all sorts of good bits and pieces since Hansen and Sankowski met at Berklee in 2005 and decided to form a group. For the Grownup Noise, “good bits and pieces” constitutes formally as releasing its self-titled debut album four years ago, and performing alongside honorable people like Patton Oswalt, Dresden Doll/lady Amanda Palmer and Thao With The Get Down Stay Down.
More recently the members have been focusing on recorded music and released a new LP, This Time With Feeling, in June. The 11-track album was recorded in various places—all over Boston, a cabin in Maine— and picks up on its broad plate of geography with gentle folk/Americana ditties. “So It Goes” is a part of this bunch, and the video for it, directed by Stephen LoVerme (Treebeard Media), is similarly sepia-toned and full of nostalgic scenes that should somehow remind you of your childhood, even if yours wasn’t anything similar to what is actually presented.