Brooklyn-based punk band Bottle Up And Go is ready to turn out another EP this summer, and from the looks of the video below, it should be filled with just as much soul and blues-inspired energy blended with a nearly lethal amount of punk irreverence as the group’s previous work. While the These Bones EP sounded like the Black Keys after downing a fifth of tequila, “March To The Grave” suggests that the upcoming Blood EP will sound like the same band the next day, now trying to fight off the hangover with whiskey and weed.

This new video was produced by Bluebeard, a young Brooklyn company that specializes in short-form video. It features lead singer and guitarist Keenan Mitchell getting his ass relentlessly beat by his fellow band members—drummer Fareed Sajan and saxophonist Andrew Carrico—and some creepy, birthday-cone-hat-wearing bystanders. The ass-stomping comes along with punches, broken bottles, bats, a toss off a roof and a kill shot from the man’s own Gretsch guitar. Though this sounds a little jarring, and is definitely rife with a thick layer of cheesiness, the action actually fits the song well. While Mitchell screams “We all march to the grave,” pounding drums and slicing guitar riffs take the violence over the top and make it more acceptable. See for yourself.[/vimeo]

Though the band now resides in Mitchell’s basement in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, the group actually got its start in Middletown, CT, a town known mostly for Wesleyan, the liberal arts college that it encloses. A basement pop show at that school is where the band was birthed, scaring away half of the audience and causing the other half to break into a violent mosh. The band then recorded These Bones in the ballroom at the Eclectic Literary Society, a mansion situated in the middle of Wesleyan’s campus. Of course, the group was proper shitfaced while all of this was being recorded. Since then, Bottle Up And Go has toured with Man Man, Titus Andronicus, Deer Tick, Bear Hands and others, apparently putting on a raucous, blood-soaked party at every stop.

The band has no upcoming tour dates, but the Blood EP is set to come out digitally this summer.