Charming coed duo Papa Topo (comprising teenage Mallorcans Adrià and Paulita) has released a video for its second sublimely witty single on Madrid’s Elefant Records, “La Chica Vampira.” You read that right: “The Vampire Girl.” Boosting both the sass and distortion on Paulita’s punky vocals (the video version of the song is tighter than the single), and hiring colorful director Lluís Prieto, Papa Topo makes a miniature punk-rock reverse-Twilight.

So, long story short, dude’s totally bumming because one Saturday night some vampire chick who goes tromping around in stilettos turned him into her vampire lover, and now he’s forced to spend eternity rotting in some subterranean catacombs like a good living-dead corpse. It’s all because that damned oso panda (from the duo’s totally twee tontipop 2010 single of the same name) awakened from his panda bear grave, got all revenge-happy and turned her into a vampire.

But the newly converted señor vampiro shouldn’t front; her heart goes “boom!” when he sucks her blood! They’ll live in love under the cemetery, and they’ll never be sad again! File this one under teen paranormal romance.