Here we have the new video for “Sound Is God” off L.A. producer Exile‘s (a.k.a. Aleksander Manfredi) AM/FM (Plug Research), the 2010 remix album and more vocal take on his instrumental LP, Radio. The clip doesn’t actually feature Ex himself, but focuses more on featured MC, Chicago’s ADaD, and his fabulous array of glasses (both for sun and other).

While the video itself carries a loose narrative involving domestic disputes and a drug dealer-turned-prisonmate with a pretty tight fade, the strength lies more in the track itself. ADaD carries his fables competently, and the sing-song-y chorus (which he employs in a style similarly championed by Mos Def) sticks well. As Ex’s minor-key strings and piano were most likely the basis of ADaD’s somber lament in the first place, everything pulls together, and once again we find ourselves patting these guys on the shoulders and slinging kudos where it’s due.